November 16, 2011

Tassajara Rye Egg Molasses Bread

This is the very last blog post in the month of "Molasses Madness", my family is getting tired of it. It's been fun, we've had a good run and everything has tasted delicious!

This loaf is made the same was as the Tassajara Egg Bread, switching out 1 cup of white flour for 1 cup of rye and substituting molasses for the honey. DELICIOUS!!

This recipe can be found amongst friends at yeastpotting, this week hosted by Tartine Bread Experiment.

November 8, 2011

Anadama Bread

Another loaf for "Molasses Madness!", this time Anadama Bread.

Tassajara Oat Bread With Molasses

It's still "Molasses Madness" here at KitchenGeisha!

I have no idea why I'm craving the taste of molasses, the season just seems to demand it. So I thought I would try the Tassajara Oatmeal Bread recipe, swapping out the whole Wheat flour for all white flour, and the honey for molasses.

I found that it kept the bread moister than the honey, and gave it a depth it didn't have before. There is none left. :)

Submitting it to yeastspotting

Genuine Canadian Butter Tarts - Without Corn Syrup

I had never had a butter tart before moving here to Canada. They may have existed in New York, but I had never had one.